About us

Big Lake Coffee is a grass-roots based company driven by barista, Marcus Izzo, coffee educator and branding consultant.

We value and highly regard the production of coffee from it's origin to your cup. A great deal of passion, energy, focus on sustainability and great partnerships are the key building blocks of this locally based company out of Östersund, Sweden. Innovative entrepreneurship and coffee education are fundamental goals that highlight our awareness and bring forth issues like responsible consumption of coffee. Along with creative partnerships and Swedish based importers, craft-roasters, locally run companies and businesses run by individuals that appreciate and support the specialty coffee industry. We lead you on an adventure that lifts coffee into the spotlight.

We focus on sales of specialty coffee that applies direct trade principles and works on sustainable measures from growing, picking and processing, drying and the transportation of coffee by Trans-Atlantic or Asian-Pacific routes. Supporting small-scale producers all the way to hand-crafted roasting of quality and specialty coffees. Our Barista Works help local businesses, organizations and municipalities plan, organize and create events that allow you to experience and appreciate the work that goes into each cup, brewed by hand, with precision and passion.

Östersunds Biking Barista, a focus on mobility and innovative transport with the use of CargoBikes and Wheely's Café concepts to bring specialty coffee to the streets of Östersund. While we minimize the impact on our surrounding environments through transportation and sales of coffee. Small steps that make a big difference.

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