Brew Methods

We all have a favorite way of preparing our coffee. And these moments that we enjoy our frist cup of the day or take the time to enjoy coffee in the company of others can make it all more special when we take the time to use our senses and discover something new.

Come and check out our wide selection of different brew methods, kits and carafes that can be combined with a great grinder for your home or at work. Big Lake Coffee is an entry into the industry and art of barista life where you can learn different ways of brewing coffee to take your interest to a whole new level.

At Big Lake Coffee we often understand the need to scale down on fully automated machines in the home or at the office that can speed up the brewing process yet can affect the quality in comparison to hand-brewed methods with session coffee. To manually brew coffee allows you to reach a new level of quality control and also helps support a more sustainable industry.

To be able to control the quality of coffee beans is one aspect. Yet the ability to find the right grinding methods, manual brew equipment, water quality and temperature along with correct dosage of ground coffee over a proper extraction time. Tese are some of the simple steps to making your coffee experience unforgettable, however these steps are amazingly easy to learn and can build a new interest towards coffee.

Any coffee, Any brew!