Nature Sessions

A Nature Session is a collaboration and adventure with partner KådaNatur where we focus on nature awareness and the age old culture of coffee . We present tools used to help develop your senses as an individual or within a group to start to discover the simplicity of our relationship to our surrounding environments. Deeply en-rooted in our evolution we have a connection to nature. We thrive to find ways to experience and re-connect through awareness of who we are, where we enjoy to spend our days and how we improve our quality of life by living more sustainably.

With nature right outside of our doorstep here in Östersund, we start with the most basic of microadventures and can make your next group excursion something to remember. A connection in the most simple of environments. The art of re-connecting, opening up our senses and learning the art of fire and coffee, together. Trough knowledge and stable consumption we gain a better understanding with producers that live in our region or even thousands of kilometers away and how those resources become more sustainable for future generations.