Speciality Coffee

The Specialty Coffee industry places it's focus on strengthening sustainability through all aspects of growing coffee, processing and drying with sustainable business practices through minimizing all of the middle hands through export and transport in order to increase quality and to guarantee Small-Scale holders a better market price through direct trade.

Taking into consideration the distance green coffee travels through exporting and shipping. All the way to the fine-tuned and delicate methods of artisan roasting to enhance it's aroma and flavor. And finally to help consumers understand and be more educated by transparency and taking social responsibility by building the relation to producers worldwide. From origin to your cup is an amazingly long process and journey... so join the coffee revolution with Big Lake Coffee.

Freshness with coffee is just as important as any food item we purchase today! From the minute a coffee cherry is picked the clock starts to tick away. And the time it takes from the producer to our cup is a long trip that we never get to see. After the roasting process coffee must also be kept fresh. At Big Lake Coffee we make sure that you get the most out of your coffee experience through strong and important relations with micro-roasters throughout Scandinavia and beyond.

Big Lake Coffee has a passion for specialty coffee. ”All coffee in which we support and supply is 100% organic or certified organic. Also the entire selection of coffee has Direct Trade principles or is Fairtrade certified. This ensures that an important relation is developed between small-scale producers and small-scale importers and roasters.” Some criteria that Big Lake Coffee works with is considered high quality and graded on the speciality market. Specialty Coffee has a grading scale to 100, that sets specialty coffee between 80-100 points.


It has been grown and picked under ideal conditions.

Traceability and transparency, preferably the entire way to it’s origin, meaning region, cooperative and/or farmer.

Has been hand-picked during the right ripening period.

Sorted to minimize damaged or defective beans.

 Slow-roasted to enhance profile and character.

Other criteria include that coffee is grown without any chemicals or synthetic fertilizers and no additives during growing picking, processing or drying. Just Coffee!
Big Lake Coffee is an active member and certified through the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association).