Big Lake Trio prt 3

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They say that good things come in threes like when you're lucky for example.

Here at Big Lake Coffee we believe that you have just become lucky to know that we have produced a trio of hand-crafted, specialty coffee blends. We hope that you enjoy the variety of these three blends with unique roast profiles. It is a way that we want to share with your how coffee has unique differences even with a blend.

The last of this trio is our forest coffee (Skogskaffe) a deeper rich blend from the Andes of Peru and Excelso, Colombia.

Being in the woods is like rewinding to our childhood. A mix of coniferous and deciduous trees across a rolling landscape. A canopy that opens up to the skies and sometimes where time stops on the forest floor.

To disappear in the forest is always an adventure and an escape at the same time that we connect back to our roots and reflect on the beauty of nature at our feet.

A hand-crafted, specialty coffee produced by the Big Lake in the heart of Sweden.