Framtidens kaffe (The Future of Coffee)

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We sometimes can reflect back into our past and see that there is a thread that leads to what we have experienced and links to what we accomplish. It does not matter whether it has to do with social responsibility, or if it is focused on economic impact.

We can also see that what we do, how we chose to live and how we see the world's resources can give us an empowerment to make environmental changes in our nearest surroundings and for the future generations.

This has lead me to see that with small steps that we can create larger impacts for future generations and for some of the most important production chains of how we can live more viable lives.

Coffeepreneurship is a term that helped us form concepts that we feel will help connect us through different lifestyles of coffee culture. Coffee is an world-wide commodity produced and consumed in almost all countries around the globe. Yet the question is if it connects us all, what is our understanding of it?

You can follow not only this blog but the daily routines of how we prepare our coffee, how much we consume this drink and even see how the thread of coffee culture weaves into your life.

Welcome to the Big Lake in the heart of Sweden.