Big Lake Coffee lies in the heart of Sweden. The region of Jämtland & Härjedalen, our Republic. Our passion to build up a gastronomical experience together with others. Where local foods and culture flavour everyday life.

Östersunds Specialty CoffeeBar:

Here we brew what many say is the finest coffee around. We have a wide variety of brew methods and hand-crafted coffee to find the perfect fit for you.

We all have different likings when it comes to coffee and we help you get a full experience.

Come and get caffeinated!

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Östersunds Barista Butik:

Our selection of manual brew methods, coffee gear, filters and even coffee grinders, is like nothing you have seen before.

Dive into the world of quality coffee products in our Barista Butik

Want to get started with a sample of our Big Lake Trio?

We send it right to your door either as whole beans or ground to your liking.

Barista iZZo knows you will taste the difference between specialty coffee and the commercial coffee that you are used to.

Looking for tips on the how to do's or what we like to brew, just contact us and we will help guide you through the many different types of coffee that we produce.

Enjoy the Big Lake!