Find our Coffee friends and support local!

Resellers and Coffee Lovers in Sweden

You say pizza & beer?

We need to say nothing more than visit Artut in Östersund. They are not only our neighbors but they make a fine cup of filter coffee to go with that slice!

And the list of beers they present weekly is not only out of this world but mainly locally brewed!

Artut on Facebook

Our first experience of Lisbets bread was in 2001, tucked away in the mountains of Jämtland in a tiny village called Handöl. Cooking dinner on a hot stone and her famous carrot buns.

And the relationship continues, we are still in love with the baked goods that they produce and we serve them every week.

This is a must on your list of places to visit while in Östersund. Here you can even find bags of our coffee to bring home for your next Swedish fika.

Frejas Bakeri

Crafters of the north and coffee lovers indeed.

If you are visiting Kiruna this duo known as Camilla & Zarah have an eye for handmade crafts of quality.

Here you can find a selection of our specialty coffees.

Arctic Design House

Traditional swedish crafts and gifts from local artisans, Gaupa is another place you must visit while traveling to the Nordics and the heart of Sweden.

Here you can find some of the most amazing hand-crafted items that will live as a memory from your visit to Jämtland.

Gaupa sells our bags of specialty coffee ready to take home and brew or for the perfect gift.

Gaupa Hantverk

Enjoy this unik atmosphere and crossover menu between Jämtland & Mexiko.

This combination infuses with beer and wine brewed in an adjacent building, combined with the beauty of the mountains around you.

Try an espresso and dessert with your meal to make everything complete!

Fusion food Jämtland & Mexiko

A description of one of Sweden's top restaurants and epicenter for nordic gastronomy does not fit on this page.

Visit our friends at Jazzköket and book your table right now!

Don't forget to take a cup of specialty coffee after your meal with a creative dessert or avec...


Du hittar numera Lisa Kråik & hennes son Simon Kråik mitt i Vemdalen by i gamla Keos lokaler. Utökad yta men fortfarande en genuin presentbutik med samiska kulturell inriktning men också fina hantverk från hantverkare från olika delar av Sverige.

Här hittar du både påsar av vårt kaffe på hyllan och kan njuta likaväl av en kopp från deras kaffe sortiment!

Vemdalens Bovre

One womans dream of rugged lifestyle with sled dogs, rustic living, home cooking, gardening, handcrafting, long distance sled dog racing, and also focusing on natural dog health care and nutrition, positive training and generally improving quality of life of (not only sled) dogs.

Katerina's Natural Way, Vedjeön

Ett måste när du besöker Idrefjäll helt enkelt!

Den lilla butiken med det stora utbudet av relationsmat och exceptionellt kaffe rostad med kärlek!

Här hittar du kaffe på menyn och på hyllorna till din kaffestund!

Hitta Lilla Vildt

Nordic gastronomy and a lunch bistro that will blow your socks off.

Vegan and vegetarian based dishes and of course a coffee bar that kicks out Östersund's finest specialty coffee.

Filter coffee, single-origin espresso and bags of beans or pre ground to take away.

Book in your next lunch here!

Jazzkökets Saluhall

The garage that became a bar...

What is not charming about that?

Well this is one of our favorite hangouts to wind down and drop some beats when we are off.

But when we are working we also are mixing coffee drinks and making new infusions for the people here.

Coffee Mixology with our friends at lagerbaren.

This drink menu is White Guide approved!


Located in the center of Östersund is this laid back Juicebar and oasis just a stones throw from the main bus station.

Grab a juice or a coffee and hang for a bit!

Check out Kiwanobar

The latest edition to the edges of the Main square in Östersund is this dog-friendly café and co-working landscape.

Great brunch menu, juices and coffee!

N1 Östersund

Tea, Coffee, Confection and presents in Övik.

Örnsköldsvik on the eastern coast of Sweden.

Find us!

A small farm with impressive ambition.

The foundation for this establishment is sustainability and well-being for the ingredients found in nature and the animals that are found on the menu.

Book a gastro experience!

Traditional Swedish fika is known around the world and these two establishments are known for their baking traditions.

Here you can pick up bags of our specialty coffee that are ready to brew for you next fika.

Swedish fika

Because every ride is a coffee ride!

Bikes, espresso and the vast unknown path for your next tour starts here with no exceptions.

Leave the bullshit at home and get ready for your next adventure by visiting Velo Rapide in Östersund.

Check out this bike store before you get geared up. Take an espresso and remember to enjoy the rest of your next ride.

Don't forget your helmet!

Velo Rapide

A love affair with licorice and specialty coffee sounds like a match made in heaven!

We welcome you to visit Treakel Lakrits in Östersund, Sundsvall and soon Gävle!

Licorice lovers

Nordic cuisine, artisan cooking and foraging of our vast nature.

Led by Lena Flaten and her crew of inspirational chefs and artisans. This is where gastronomy takes you on a journey throughout our region.

Find Flammans Skafferi

A small restaurant in Funäsdalen with a big, big love for locally produced foods.

Newly opened bistro & deli is a must!

Lodging also available upon booking.

Skoogs Krog & Logi

Their dream is to follow the heart and let it be seen in the quality of their artisan baking.

Here you can buy bags of specialty coffee to take home and even try an espresso or cappuccino with your next Swedish fika!!!


Wine, Cocktails, DJ's and an occasional coffee drink on the menu...for all you night owls out there!


Some good friends of ours just took business to a new level!

Putting the L in Local is the bottom line when working at this level of food production and holistic management of our own ecosystems.

Check out their new location next to the Main square in Östersund.

Great breakfast sandwiches and coffee, lunch takeaways and of course always something to bring home for the weekend!


"The Sámi people have always lived close to and with great respect for everything in nature. Working in a responsible and sustainable way comes very natural for us." -Nutti Sámi Siida

Here you will find bags of our specialty coffee for taking with you or enjoying by the fireside!

Nutti Sámi Siida

Lillåstugans Våffelbruk drivs av Michelle och Kristofer som vågade satsa på sina drömmar i Ullådalen och vi kan lova det är värt ett besök för vyer, våfflor och såklart gott kokkaffe!

Lillåstugans Våffelbruk