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Kagaa Farmers Cooperative Society was a newly started cooperative society in Muranga when we first visited them. They got their license in December 2019 and we met them a few months later. We are excited to take part in their journey as it starts. We visited Gatagua in February 2020 and met the whole board that proudly showed the whole washing station Gatagua, and took us through the start of their business. Their moto is ”Quality rules the price” and their aim is to have the best coffee in the region. If you ask us, they are of to a good start.

Kagaa catchment is highly productive with multiple farming activities that supports different value chain. This includes dairy, horticultural, tea, Macadamia nuts. It’s located on the highly productive south western slopes of Mt Kenya and on the eastern slopes of the aberdare ranges. Main crop is harvested in October through December and Fly crop in April through June each year. While the cooperative is new, the people behind it has vast experience as they where previously part of a bigger cooperative but broke loose to take control of their own production. Kagaa have one washing station, Gatagua, built in 1960s that might have bigger capacity than the producers need at the moment but they hope to grow into it as the cooperative grow. Kagaa is found in Kahuro Sub-county, Mugoiri Location in Muranga, central Kenya and located on 1630 meters with farmers having their coffee grown in the region around on the 1600-1850 meters.

Current member count in Kagaa is 609 active members, 409 male and 200 female. 3 trained staff that are employed all year and around 20 casual staff that work during harvest run the washing station.