Coffee Travels DeLuxe 4 x 250g

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Time to travel to the coffee lands through these great single-origin coffees roasted with love in the heart of Sweden.

Four amazing specialty coffees from Colombia, Nicaragua, Ethiopia & Kenya 

La Primavera, Colombia (washed Castillo, Tabi & Typica)

Notes of caramel, chocolate & clean acidity

El Cambalache, Nicaragua (Washed Caturra & Catuai)

Notes of caramel, roasted almond & balanced acidity

Gersi, Ethiopia - (Natural processed heirlooms)

Notes of chocolate & plums

Kichawir, Kenya - (Washed Peaberry) SL 28, SL 34, Ruiru 11 & Batain

Notes of caramel, citrus & elderberry juice