Reseller & Big Lake Coffee friends

Artut, Östersund- Craft beers, sourdough pizza & a cup of black magic. Here you will even find colabs we have with other brewery's in their sortiment.


Bjurfors- Your realtor in Jämtland- Local branding partnership.


Edenbos Konditori & butik, Östersund- Reseller of specialty coffee bags.


Elvebäcks Konditori, Östersund- Serves espresso and reseller of specialty bags.


Frejas Bakeri, Östersund-Serves filter coffee and reseller of specialty bags.


Gaupa Hantverk, Östersund-Reseller of specialty coffee bags. 


Gomorron Östersund- Co-working, co-creating and coffee from the Big Lake.


Gårdshem, Umeå- Local is on the menu in this artisan store filled with a variety of products from Swedish producers.


Beans in Cup, Östersund- Coffee friends for over 10 years of coffee culture and colabs.


Jazzköket & Jazzköket Saluhallen, Östersund- Local gastronomy, passion for food & drinks to the max with great filter coffee and deserts at Jazzköket and at their Saluhall you will find filter coffee, espresso drinks and bags of pre-ground or whole beans. 


Jämtlands Bryggeri, Pilgrimstad- Craft beer and coffee with deep tradition for quality brewing.


Flammans Skafferi, Storlien- Serves Nordic coffee and are ambassadors for Big Lake Coffee.


Klövsjö Stenugnsbageri, Härjedalen- Reseller of our specialty coffee bags.


 Lofsdalens Fjällhotell, Lofsdalen- This gem in Lofsdalen batch brews our specialty coffee, has a lovely espresso blend and sells bags also.


Lillåstugan Våffelbruk, Ullådalen(Åre)- Waffles, ski-tracks and fika galore with our nordic coffee.


Nummer Ett, Östersund- Co-working & Bistro with an amazing menu and selection of coffee, fika and a la carte menu.


Nästgårds BUA, Östersund -A little restaurant with a huge passion for locally produced gastronomy and dining. Our coffee is brewed, served in drinks and sometimes added to the menu.


Republiken, Östersund- Local Gastronomy, wine and dining with great deserts & specialty coffee.


Slaktarn in Östersund- Local butcher and producer of high-quality meats. Serves coffee and reseller of private branded specialty coffee.


Smått o Gott, Örnsköldsvik- Wide selection of tea, coffee and other confects.

Sells consumer bags of our specialty coffee.


Tages Konditori & Kök, Östersund- Reseller of specialty coffee bags.


 ICA Kvantum Lillänge, Buy a cup of coffee at the service desk or find a variety of specialty coffee bags, whole beans or pre-ground


Velo Rapide, Östersund- Every ride is a coffee ride! 

Bikes and coffee are always a great idea and Velo has had focus on the best of both for many years.