Get caffeinated

The pour-over brew method is by far a simple and an easy way to improve your cup of coffee.

You control the dosage, temp & amount of water poured for one or more cups.

Brew tips:

Always wet the filter in your coffee dripper before brewing.

Medium fine ground coffee

  • 6-8g/1dl hot water 90°- 92°C
  • Bloom coffee grounds (30sec)
  • Pour 100ml every 30 seconds
  • Filter coffee not people

The Aeropress is a simple and reliable brew method you can do anywhere.

Perfect combination of immersion & pressing with a paper filter and you brew one cup at a time.

Brew tips: (Inverted)

Fine ground coffee (like table salt)

  • 14-16g/2dl
  • Immerse for 1.5 minutes before pressing
  • Press for 15 sec.

Immersion brew method gives a full bodied cup after four minutes of steaping.

Serve immediately to avoid over-extraction or bitterness.

Brew Tips:

Medium-coarse grounds

  • 6-8g/1dl hot water
  • Bloom coffee grounds
  • Steap four minutes
  • Press slowly
  • Remove crema to lessen bitterness

The age-old tradition of coffee over a fire.

Timeless tales dance around the flames and ride the smoke and embers into the sky.

Brew tips:

Coarse ground coffee

  • Add cold water and place on fire
  • Dosage 80g/1l water steamed not boiled
  • Boiling coffee will make you bitter
  • Add a mountain view

Powerful brew method with deeper, darker notes including sweetness and balanced acidity.

Brew tips:

Very fine ground coffee (see dosage tips below)

  • 3 cup - 14g/170ml
  • 4 cup - 18g/230ml
  • 6 cup - 34g/450ml

Use a lower heat setting on your stove to avoid high heat and to fast of extraction.