You don't need a New Year's resolution to start drinking better coffee!

At Big Lake Coffee we believe that everyone deserves to drink something much better than the commercial level that is sold on today's market!

Specialty coffee comes from a more sustainable chain of production and we only source coffee beans from small-scale farms and producers, which leads to a fair market value.

Warm your soul this winter!

In the heart of Sweden you will find us in the city of gastronomy. A region with a vast, mountainous landscape known as Jämtland!

By far the best espresso found north of the Tropic of Cancer!


Seven years of specialty coffee culture in the city of gastronomy, Östersund.

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The pulse of östersund

What makes specialty coffee so special?

We roast high-quality coffee produced by farmers with knowledge and passion for their farms.

The focus on quality from origin by means of direct trade methods comes first.

You may not see that just by looking at these coffee beans, but the proof comes from ethics, how we source and roast green coffee and also the sharing of knowledge so you the consumer can experience!

Specialty Coffee

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Together we are making coffee more sustainable as we include and develop different SDG's into our foundation as one of Jämtland's most sustainable companies.

2018 & 2021 we were nominated as most sustainable business in Jämtland and it has proven we are on the right path!

Welcome to Big Lake Coffee!

Global Goals

Östersunds dolda pärla heter Big Lake Coffee. Precis ovanför Artut och under Anderzons Trafikskola ligger denna underbara kaffebar. Nedför den branta trappan som utsmyckas av kaffekonst. Precis det som återspeglas i koppen, konsten att brygga kaffe. Man går in genom dörren. Möts av den fantastiska kaffedoften. Baristan Marcus Izzo möter än med ett leende och hälsar glatt och nu är man direkt inne i kaffets värld. Han gör allt för att vi ska hitta fram till den perfekta koppen för just detta kaffe. Just nu så sitter jag och en god vän, dricker Finca El Porvinir. Ett Colombianskt kaffe. Fruktigt och gott, toner av solmogna skogshallon. Det jag vill säga är att detta är ett måste för en kaffeälskare. Ta dig en kopp här, värt varenda krona. Jag lovar dig att du lämnar Big Lake Coffee med ett leende på läpparna.