Koke, Ethiopia (Natural process)

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"This coffee is grown at 1800-2100 masl in Koke village and processed at the Moplaco process station located in Yirgacheffe Gedio. Head of Moplaco is Heleanna Georgalis, who we met on our first trip to Ethiopia in 2010." Per Nordby aka Kafferäven

Heleanna runs Moplaco and this coffee comes from her washing-station in Yirgacheffe. One of the villages around the station is Koke where coffee is grown by smallholders on the lush hills in Ethiopias southern highlands. The altitude is high and gives the coffee a natural complexity. The natural process is carefully monitored and cherries are manually sorted at all times during the process. Heleanna put it well: ”The drying process is simple but gives us excellent results. Again it is not us, but rather the gift of Ethiopia.”


Variety: Mixed heirloom

Region/Zone: Gedeo

District: Yirgacheffe Kebele/Village: Koke

Altitude: 1800-2100 masl

Type of farming: Semi Forest and Garden

Harvest time: October-December

Processing: Natural