La Bendición, Nicaragua (CM Natural Maracaturra)

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La Bendición is a farm located in Mozonte, Nueva Segovia. This are has the highest altitude in Nicaragua suitable for coffee cultivation and hence many farms are located along the slippery slopes of this mountain. Although the farm is 70 manzanas in total, aprox 49 hectares only a portion of 16 manzanas are used for coffee farming. The rest of the land is kept as forest. This makes the micro climate very damp and green and keeps lots of organic material in the ground, as well as a healthy mix of plants, insects and animals.

Don Liberato Jarquin bought the land for his farm in 2008 after working in the US for many years. Finca La Bendición is a coffee farm that was built from the ground since there was no entrance to the farm there were many limitations to be able to work. It was very hard when don Liberatio started working because he was sick and had many economic problems. It cost tears and blod to build the farm but today don Liberato work the land together with his son Sergio.

Many varieties are grown; Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, Catimor, Pacamara, Geisha, Java and Maracaturra. This is a nano-lot of Marsellesa that has gone through a Carbonic Maceration process.