Little Red Riding Hood, Nicaragua (CM Natural)

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Little Red Riding Hood is a blend from the following farms around Nueva Segovia:

El Avion, Los Pirineos and La Bendicion..

In 2020 Tim Willems at Bridazul found they had several experimental lots that in themself was too small to export, but combined could make a beautiful blend. Bridazul Blends was then created for the first time with huge success. This year several lots where made with coffee from several farms and with different taste profiles in mind.

Bridazul is a coffee mill and drying station located right outside Ocotal in Nueva Segovia. Bridazul started as a link between farmers and buyers - providing service for both sides. Farmers put their coffee cherries in the hands of Bridazul that take care of process and quality control without taking over the ownership for the coffee.

Bridazul also markets these coffees and connects them to the right buyers. This way, buyers can get unique lots directly from producers that they otherwise would not be able to contact.