Timemore Black Mirror Plus

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Sleek, easy to use and reliable – top 3 desired qualities in any equipment, right? The new Scale Black Mirror Plus Black from Timemore is all of the above and sure looks good doing the job! This version has an auto-timer, so when you start to pour, the timer kicks in. It also includes a physical on/off button and indents on the scale to mark the spot to press. 


  • Hidden LED display; comes to life when you press on
  • Minimum weight 0.1g, maximum weight 2kg
  • USB Chargeable
  • Timer
  • Battery display
  • Matt surface helps to keeps clean from fingerprints and stains
  • 5 minute auto turn off
  • Silicon pad to ensure nothing skids off the surface
  • The surface is waterproof but the charging port is not!